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Senior Royalty Reflect on Their Last Homecoming

Amongst the myriad of Homecoming Week traditions at Dublin High, one stands out as uniquely individual-centered. While Skit Night, Area Build, and the parade all highlight class creativity and collective effort, electing Homecoming royalty gives only the most spirited individuals the spotlight. 


The selection process for Homecoming royalty traditionally begins with a nomination form for students to submit names for Homecoming royalty from peers in their grade. This year, forms were sent out on September 28, and after the nominees were confirmed, they competed throughout Homecoming Royalty Spirit Week. From October 16 to 20, nominees participated in unique spirit days in an effort to garner votes. The final voting day was October 24, on which three winners from each class were chosen from the pool of nominees. 


While most classes’ winners were revealed during Skit Night on October 25, senior class results weren’t announced until later. A Dublin High tradition, senior royalty is revealed during halftime at the Homecoming football game—which took place on October 27 this year—to fully celebrate the seniors’ last year. Additionally, all senior class nominees are given the chance to walk down the field with their friends and family and enjoy a moment in the spotlight.

Cooper Symes, senior royalty nominee, stands on the football field with his family

Once every nominee completes the walk, all the senior nominees come together in front of the stands. Each nominee is handed a wrapped rose: when time comes, they’re prompted to begin unwrapping. Once the foil is peeled off, the color of the rose determines if they’ve won or not, with a red rose designating the Homecoming royalty. This year, the class of 2024 chose Alena Dinh, Cooper Symes, and Sophia Siddiq as Homecoming royalty.

Sophia Siddiq pulls a red rose out of its packaging, celebrating her win

The entire process of running for royalty became especially memorable for the three winners because they were seniors. “Throughout high school, I always told myself that senior year I would [run for royalty], so at the last minute I pulled through,” said Sophia. Alena echoed similar thoughts, noting, “[Royalty] seemed like fun in past years and I didn’t want to regret not trying for it.”

Alena Dinh dressed up as Mario for the arcade games-themed spirit day

For many, being part of a select group—the only ones participating in spirit days for a whole week—is something they’d rather avoid. However, the playful themes were what made the royalty stand-outs in terms of school spirit. Sophia stated, “I was confident even though we were the only ones dressing up in the entire school. I wanted to go all out and have fun with it, and I have no regrets.” When asked what the best theme was, Cooper responded, “Supervillains Day because I had the best outfit and went all out.” Alena thought Band Day was the hardest because “[she] chose Sporty Spice, so it was hard to show [she] dressed up as her.”


The week of hard work culminated in a single moment in front of the audience at the football game. Cooper said, “I was VERY nervous. I had hoped that I would pull out a red rose, but I was skeptical. In the end, I was happy that I won.” Sophia voiced a similar experience, saying, “I had no idea what to expect while unwrapping the rose. Honestly, I was preparing for a loss, but couldn’t contain my excitement when I unwrapped the red rose.”


Underclassmen who are thinking of getting the coveted senior Homecoming royalty title may be glad to hear that it isn’t as unattainable as it may seem. “I spent about 30 dollars, mostly on makeup from Spirit Halloween. A majority of my outfits were either already owned or borrowed,” Cooper said. 


“Being a senior showed me that you should get active with all school activities as we won’t be getting another chance. It’s our last year and it really is what you make of it,” Sophia said.

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