Engen Learning: Education of the Future


Education is the foundation of a strong and prosperous society, and nonprofit organizations play a vital role in providing access to quality education for all. One such organization that deserves recognition is Engen Learning. 


Founded in 2020 by Dhruv Kulkarni, Chitsein Htun, and Moses Hong, Engen Learning is a nonprofit organization that provides free online educational resources to students around the world. The organization was founded with the goal of providing free and virtual enrichment classes to students worldwide in a variety of niche but essential topics. Some courses include AI, Philosophy, Graphic Design, Financial Literacy, and Public Speaking. The classes found at Engen Learning typically run for 6-8 weeks over zoom and feature a wide range of difficulty levels based on different age groups. These classes are free for anyone who can access a computer, making them an ideal tool for students, teachers, and lifelong learners alike. 


Recently, Engen has expanded its scope, launching its research division. The AI Research Initiative provides free research experience mentored by graduate students and a professor. Ever since launching its research division, Engen learning’s AI Research Initiative has become the most sought after program and enrollment constantly fills up. 


In addition to classes and research programs, Engen Learning also partners with other organizations to provide additional internship opportunities for top students currently enrolled in their classes. One such opportunity is Arlite Research: top students in any AI Research program or in AI/ML classes in Engen Learning will have an opportunity to interview for an internship with the company. The internship will provide invaluable engineering and work experience. 


Engen Learning is still expanding its mission and strives to make its program more accessible in the years to come. 


After asking Engen Learning board members about their expectations for the future of the organization, Dhruv Kulkarni, one of the founders, explained how he expects Engen Learning to “continue to grow and expand [its] impact. [He] envisions [Engen Learning] broadening [its] focus to generally benefit society through the use of technology, including brand partnerships, ethical AI and biotech research, and more.” Dhruv believes that by “leveraging the power of technology, [Engen Learning] can amplify the impact [individuals] make and make a positive difference in the world. 


Rohan Sontakke, the Director of Operations, echoed Dhruv’s sentiments, stating he was also “looking to expand [Engen Learning’s] reach and impact from here.” He believes that the foundation they established until now is incredibly strong and is looking to “accumulate more partnerships, people, and ways of providing opportunity” in the future. 


Finally, Marvin Zhang, the Executive Director, explains that as Engen Learning grows, he “hope[s] to meet more amazing people to add to the team. The success is entirely due to the team’s diverse skill sets and interests that allow for creative uses of technology.” He sees “Engen Learning broadening its horizons into different sectors such as summer camps, hackathons, college research, and more.” 


Engen Learning welcomes students of all age groups to their classes- including high schoolers! 


Currently, Engen Learning is also offering volunteer positions. For more information, visit their website