Youth Mental Health Forum at the Shannon Community Center

11600 Shannon Avenue, Dublin CA 94568 (

Misha Bruk

11600 Shannon Avenue, Dublin CA 94568 (

On Wednesday, November 10th from 6:30-8:30, the City of Dublin Youth Advisory Committee hosted the Youth Mental Health Forum at the Shannon Community Center. All middle school and high school students (including their parents) in Dublin were invited to the forum. Panelists at the event included school counselors, local therapists, teachers, coaches and many others who work with the youth at Dublin, providing an overview of mental health issues that Dublin youth experience along with coping strategies.  

“During the Youth Mental Health Forum, Dublin’s Youth Advisory Committee were joined by members of DHS’s Bring Change to Mind club to create a place for teens and adults to listen to a panel speak about mental health, personal experiences, coping mechanisms, and ways to support those in need. After discussing questions from the Youth Advisory Committee, the discussion was opened up to the audience to ask personal questions. Attending this forum personally made me feel recognized as a student who has struggled with mental illness in the past. The diversity of the speakers chosen made me better understand the broad spectrum of mental illness and the different ways it can affect people’s lives” reported Emily Du of the Dublin Chapter of Bring Change to Mind, an organization dedicated towards ending the stigma against mental health.

Flyer with more more details about the meeting

After introducing themselves, the panelists started discussing questions asked by the Youth Advisory Committee and the audience. Discussion topics may include anxiety, depression, isolation, and other prevalent mental health struggles. 

The proposer of the idea of this meeting was none other than Brandon Maskey, a junior at Dublin High School, and also member of the Youth Advisory Committee. I was lucky enough to reach Maskey and ask why he wanted to bring this discussion to Dublin.

“The main reason I wanted to have a Mental Health Forum for our youth was due to the effects of the ongoing pandemic. Personally, I had some issues with my mental health during online learning, and I’m confident it was the same for many in Dublin. I want to give everyone in the area the ability to ask the counselors, therapists, and coaches at our event questions regarding their mental health, receiving advice that makes a meaningful change on their mental health. It’s one of the main reasons I decided to apply for the city’s Youth Advisory Committee, and I’m satisfied that this event’s finally happening after months of planning as a team” reported Maskey to the Shield.