Homecoming Dance 2021: A Little Rain and Lots of Fun


YBN Nahmir’s performance makes the crowd go wild at DHS homecoming. Photo courtesy of Brian Chang

After unfortunately missing an entire year of exciting school events due to the COVID-19 pandemic, students of Dublin High School were thrilled to find out the annual Homecoming dance would indeed be held this school year. 

To adhere to COVID-19 guidelines, the dance was held outdoors in the Gael Stadium. Although it was encouraged, wearing a mask at the dance was not mandatory. 

Tickets started selling on October 8th at $35, but prices rose up to $45 the following week. Three artists, including Priceless Da Roc, were teased to perform at the dance. On the night of the dance, rapper YBN Nahmir made a surprise performance and added to the performances even more. 

Check-in for students and guests began promptly at 5:15 PM, ensuring that the dance would start on time. Food trucks, a silent disco, and games such as mini-golf were just some of the amenities available for attendees. However, lines for food and the photo booth were extremely long, and students had to wait for a considerable amount of time before getting to the front. Once again, food was not free at the homecoming dance, and students were informed to bring money if they wished to purchase food. Kettle corn, churros, and Mustache Mike’s Italian Ice are just some of the options sold at the homecoming dance. 

To dress for the special occasion, many attendees donned semi-formal clothing such as dress shirts paired with bow ties and cocktail dresses. However, some students also brought an extra layer of clothing in anticipation of rain. As expected, there was a light shower in the middle of the dance. Fortunately, it only lasted for a few minutes.

As the DJ started playing some music, more and more people gathered around the stage. Most of the music played at the dance was rap, which only appealed to some students.

“The music was pretty good and the DJ was great. It was cool how DHS was able to invite popular artists to perform,” reported Lisa Levinson, a junior at Dublin High School. 

‘Party animal’ students could be found closest to the stage in the mosh pit, having the time of their lives while singing along to the music. Some students even climbed onto the stage to dance and record videos of the crowd. On the other hand, some students just stood around and chatted with their friends, enjoying the experience in a more casual way. 

Before the dance came to the end, the catchy and renowned song, “We Are Young” by the band, fun, was played as a perfect finale. By the time the song ended, everyone was exhausted from the long night. Some people ate out with their friends at restaurants like IHOP, which was quickly crowded with groups of students after the homecoming dance. 

Despite the overarching support and positive feedback about the homecoming dance, many students voiced their concerns.

“The food options and prices could’ve been better, [and] the activities should have been more organized” reported Jessica Chang, a first-year student at Dublin High School.

While many aspects of the dance such as the music and selection of food could have been improved, the 2021 Dublin High School Homecoming dance was still an enjoyable and unforgettable experience as the first homecoming dance after COVID-19.