Dublin Gaels go Pink-out for the Friday Football Game


Gael force commissioners lead the crowd through the “rollercoaster”

On Friday, October 1st, the Dublin High football players played a game against California High school, making it their sixth game. This game was an all pink-out game, giving students the chance to come to the game dressed in all pink gear. The pink-out was also done in support to raise awareness for the breast cancer community. 

Many parents, students and teachers alike came to show support for the players, cheerleaders, and the band. Gael Force commissioners Lauren Dang, Sarah Thach, Richard Chung, and Hailey Guinto kept the crowd engaged and entertained by performing various cheers to show support for the players such as the wave, roller coaster, and many more. 

“I thought the student section at the game was wild, and it was so nice seeing everyone decked out in their pink gear. I feel like our spirit and pink out really made our school feel unified Friday night.” reported Suvan Shangle, ASB President. 

The game against California High School was nothing short of intense. Players such as Jayden Petrus, TJ Costello, and Gary Cabida were out on the field giving it their all to defend and make touchdowns. The halftime show with the Dublin High cheerleaders and band performing allowed everyone to become more spirited. To show more support, Fallon and Wells Middle school bands made an appearance and performed as the crowd cheered. 

Although the game turned out to be a loss for the Dublin Gaels with a final score of 20-30, $5,000 was raised to support breast cancer research… Go Gaels!