An Evening of Gael Spirit – The 2018 Fall Carnival

An Evening of Gael Spirit - The 2018 Fall Carnival

DHS’s Homecoming Carnival was held the past Friday, September 28, 2018. A wonderful end to a school week full of homecoming festivities, the carnival was just one of the events that riled students up for the dance that occurred the next day.

Following the rumors regarding the termination of the annual DHS carnival, most students weren’t sure whether or not there would be a carnival. Numerous students expressed their disapproval of the decision, including senior Marian Wang, who claimed that she would’ve been disappointed, “if [she] didn’t have another one”. Thankfully, due to a change in mind, the carnival was confirmed to be held once more with the same energetic ambiance.

Girl Up members set up the snow cone machine to sell to carnival goers.

Clubs of all backgrounds rushed in to set up their booths and provide concessions to refuel passing by Gaels. The lineup of foods included tea from Interact club, Jamba Juice from UNICEF, Hawaiian BBQ from Gael Force Build Club, and the all-time classic, Mustache Mike’s snow cones. Students rushed in to purchase a few goods and participate in the various booth activities: spin art, football toss, the dunk tank, and this year’s exclusive, sumo wrestling— which junior Sarina Chadha thought was “super cool”. In addition to all of these activities, students got the chance to enjoy musical performances from student-formed bands and participate in an obstacle course.

Amongst the highlights of the game booths out at the carnival were the inflatable sumo wrestling arena and the obstacle courses. The obstacle course featured numerous sections- each a different challenge posed for different preferences. Junior Ranju Krishna was keen to point out that one of her most favorite attractions was the “one where you were listed in the air”. She attributed her enthusiasm to the fact that, “it was a great way to spend times with friends”. Turns out, this opinion was shared amongst most DHS students.

Students used the free photo booths to take photos with their friends.

In addition to gaining profit, clubs used the opportunity to advertise their clubs once more, with a different take from the previous month’s club fair. Of course, food, a commonly loved subject, was the main attraction that allowed them to make the most out of the event. But the food wasn’t the only thing to catch the eyes of the passersby. Vaishna, the president of DHS’ mango foundation, said she wanted, “to take advantage of the summertime” and “chose the ice cream flavors, use, and strawberry” in order to contrast the weather. Amidst the stands filled with food items was the Cryptid club, which presented the winners of its slapshot game with a handmade plushie. This wasn’t the only club that strayed away from the sale of food. Dublin HOSA provided people with traditional Indian henna decoration.

All in all, the DHS homecoming carnival gave both Gaels and families of students’ a fun way to participate in an outside bonding session. It was certainly a relief that the carnival wasn’t canceled as many do look forward to future homecoming carnivals.