Homecoming Court

Once upon a time in Dublin High…

    You’ve just been announced homecoming prince/princess for your class and you’re deciding what to wear and who is going to escort you the night of the game when the Queen is announced. These are many thoughts that go through the nominees minds when they are crowned.

 Hearing your name announced as a nominee is an experience like no other, but getting that crown on your head at the rally can put a smile on anyone’s face.

Everyone always feels something different but in a way the same. Freshmen Princess, Madeleine Nobida says,

“When they called the freshmen nominees,I was so nervous. I was trying not to expect anything.”

Madeline wasn’t the only one feeling that way. Nervousness wasn’t the only emotion flowing during the rally. None of the nominees where sure of what to expect but all were supportive of each other.

“We’ve been playing soccer together for a long time and we started on the varsity team as sophomores together, so no matter who won we’d be happy,” says junior prince, Sobhon Khairy.

Being announced prince/princess in front of the entire school isn’t the only cool thing our homecoming court gets to do. Our homecoming king, Jordon Garcia, he says,

“I was glad that my mom got to escort me when they announced the king nominees”.

During the parade on Friday, the homecoming court gets to ride in the convertibles. Sophomore prince, DJ Sweeny says,

“I’m excited about riding in the convertibles with my girlfriend (sophomore princess Jackie Armas).”