DHS students are ready to take the stage

The curtain rises and all you see is blinding light. The band plays in the orchestra pit, the choir sings, and you are ready to perform! The addition of the new theater at Dublin High will provide amazing new equipment and opportunities for band, choir, and drama students that the little theater cannot.

“I love the Little Theater to pieces,” says Hannah Kiehl, a Junior drama student. “But to have this new theater with up-to-date fixtures and features is going to be absolutely amazing.”

The addition of this new theater will provide not only a new stage to perform on, but new classrooms, dressing rooms, lockers, and even an orchestra pit. There will also be better equipment for all the performers.

“It’ll give us a better practice space with more access to recording equipment and a better piano,” says Courtney Varela, Junior choir student.

Recording equipment and practice rooms will give both choir and band students a better way to practice their music. The new theater also has a lot more space than the little theater and the temporary band room.

“The room we’re in right now is a bit too small,” said Lauren Cunningham, Junior band student.

Currently, the band practices in the cafeteria because the band room cannot hold the entire band at once. There is very little space because there is hardly any room to store instruments and set up chairs and stands. The new band room will provide a much bigger space as well as more storage. There is also an orchestra pit in front of the stage, which also has many new features.

“I’m very excited for the fly space, which will make set design, construction, and maneuvers much more streamlined for shows,” says Kiehl.

The fly system, which moves sets, will allow there to be multiple drama productions at once as well as scene changes. There will also be a new curtain, which the little theater t doesn’t have.

“I’m excited because it’s new, and new things are awesome, and I’m super excited for us to have such great resources at our fingertips,” said Varela.

The little theater will open this Spring and many are excited to see it!