DECA SCDC, Anaheim 2014

Just recently, an event has taken place for DECA in Anaheim. The Deca State Career Development Conference, or SCDC, has just taken place. From long bus rides to fun hotel events, going to Disneyland and competing, Dublin DECA was proud to place in various subjects this year.

“It was amazing to be able to bond with my chapter as we stayed at Anaheim. We went to Disneyland together and helped each other prepare for our competitions. I felt that we grew much closer than before,” Justin Lu, senior at Dublin, explains, ” It was also great to meet new friends from different chapters across California. You get to meet such a diverse group of people and make so much more connections.”

Lu participated in accounting applications for his individual event and financial operations research for his team competition, where he was able to earn first place for the written exam portion of his competition.

“I had a lot of fun in Anaheim, I would do it over another 1000 times,” Paul Flora, senior at Dublin, claims, “I had an amazing time that changed my life, networking with new people, bonding with classmates, I was able to learn new things and gain confidence in the things that I can do.”

Similarly, Flora greatly enjoyed his time in Anaheim. Flora competed in Quick-Serve Restaurant Management, and the Learn and Earn Project with partners Shilp Kothari and Justin Groves. Overall, Flora was able to get fourth place and represent California DECA at the international level for his Learn and Earn Project.

“I had a great time!” Ganchana Tontiwattananan, Senior at Dublin, recalls, “Even though our DECA chapter was really small it was a great experience. We bussed with Granada all the way to Anaheim, stayed at the Marriott, and met so many people all over the state. Even though I didn’t place, I thought that this was an amazing experience, because I was able to go out of my comfort zone and really learn a lot.”

Just like Lu and Flora, Tontiwattananan had a great time in Anaheim, being happy about others in her chapter and the overall experience.

With roughly 2000 students that competed, with people from Norcal, Socal and Silicon Valley, Dublin has done a great job, having roughly over half its students place.