The Science Bowl

Are you good at science and math? Are you interested in proving your skills? The Science Bowl is a competition for middle schools and high schools in which students are asked questions from various fields of science.  The Dublin High School Science Club will be participating in the regional competition on January 25, 2013.

The Science bowl is a “regional competition with schools all over California,” says Kimberli Zhong, the president of the Science Club. “A game show where they ask you questions and you need to immediately respond by buzzing in.” Participants in the competition need to quickly find the correct answer to the question so that they answer before the other teams to earn points.

“The competition covers math, biology, physical science, chemistry, astronomy, physics, and energy,” says Zhong.

Since there are so many topics covered, the Science Club meets every Thursday at lunch. Students in the club need to familiarize themselves with the type of questions that are asked in the competition as well as trying to improve their speed to ensure they do well in their first competition. The club uses sample questions to prepare themselves for the type of questions that will be asked during the Science Bowl.

“You do real world problems from the National Science Bowl and learn new concepts by solving the problems and seeing your progress,” says Science Club participant Tony Kim.

If they are successful in the regional competition, the DHS Science Club will advance to the National Science Bowl and participate in the competition with other High schools from around the country. Hopefully the hard work the Science Club has put into practicing answering science questions will pay off and the club will be able to go to nationals.  The club meets every Thursday in K103 and they are always looking for new members.