Challenge Yourself by Taking an AP Course

With only a few more weeks of school, students that have taken an AP course are taking their tests within the weeks of May. All of their hard work will finally pay off. Passing the AP exams will determine whether they take certain classes in their beginning years of college.  Many students take advanced courses based on the major they will pursue in the future. This can be worth it to some, but not to others.

Junior Caitlin Carrion took AP US History this year with Mr. Rubio to challenge herself during junior year.

“I took this class because history is my strong subject, I loved exploring the different topics,” Carrion said.  “It was definitely worth the work.”

For other kids it’s a chance to see what a typical college class is like. Whether it’s math or science, students try different classes to get a feel of what the environment is like.

Sophomore Grant Lemen took his first AP class this year, European history.

“It was something different to get use to, with quizzes more often, and more homework,” Lemen stated. “I knew I had to try harder to focus.”

Taking an AP isn’t time to slack off because students are taking these to better prepare for college. Senior Alex Huggins is taking AP Psychology this year with extracurricular activities on top of it as well.

“It gave me better time management skills because I had to balance a harder class without forgetting about my easier courses,” Huggings states.

Whether the subject is a semester or year long class, students are expected to keep up to date with their homework and classwork throughout the time of the class. When it comes to this part of the year, kids begin preparing for their tests, which will be looked at by college administration. Those who pass, will have less credit to make up in the school they plan to study at next, if that be a university or state school.

Being an underclassman, students can be intimidated by the work load they see from students at the school. Signing up and testing for an AP is always nerve racking. Junior Quinn Bennett took her first AP classes this year.

“It was definitely what I was expecting. The material was rigorous, but I learned to prioritize,” Bennett states. “There were many times I stayed up late, but in the end it was all worth the work.”

AP classes allow students to receive credit they would take in college. It is like a jump start. Due to the amount of time and work these classes require, it’s like a preview of what a regular college class will be like, no matter what subject you plan to study.

“I plan on going into nutrition, and by taking AP Biology this year, it gave me some sort of an idea of what I will be expecting in a year,” Bennett continues.

Though AP classes look good on your transcript, taking the class will take a lot of time. Slacking off isn’t an option to many teachers, and students are treated like they would in college. It is a chance to take a class at a college level , without paying for it. Many of these students did find it helpful, but that might not be the case for some. Ask more students, or teachers and see if a class is right for you.