Falling for Fall

Imagine taking a nice walk outside watching the leaves change color and the crisp air buzzing with excitement as you are thinking about homecoming, Halloween, and Thanksgiving break.

As of September 21st, that feeling meant that fall had arrived.

           This year, the fall season has many new and exciting things to look forward to. Not only do trends and traditions change every fall season, but our surroundings do as well. The leaves are more vibrant, the weather is cooler, and even the foods we eat are altered by the change in season. At Dublin High School, it is always important that we take note of the opinions of our fellow students and faculty.

           For many students, fall is their favorite season of the year. Zach Camacho, a senior here at Dublin High, said that he likes wearing “comfortable clothing” during the fall season. Caitlin Carrion, a junior at DHS, said the same. She mentioned cardigans—popular pieces of clothing to wear during the fall to keep warm and still look your best. Aside from the change in clothes, there are also changes in traditions and in the environment. Carrion said that one of the things she was most excited about this year were the fall foods.

           “Warm cinnabons, hot chocolate, and apple cider”, she stated when talking about her favorite things to enjoy during the fall. At this time of the year, Carrion changes the candles around her house to ones that smell more like cinnamon, to set the mood for fall. Camacho also transitions into the season; he says that he knows it’s fall when “the Starbucks Fall menu comes out”. Not only do students get excited for fall, but the teachers do too. Ms. Katie Hermens, a science teacher here at Dublin High, gets especially excited for fall as well.

           “Pumpkin flavored items”, she declares when she ponders what she considers some of fall’s best attributes. Ms. Hermens knows it’s fall when she gets to look forward to more breaks from to school to spend time with her family. Much like Carrion, Ms. Hermens puts new fall-seasoned type of decorations around her house during this time of the year. She also changes what she wears; she knows the seasons have shifted when, “I have to wear capris pants for running instead of shorts”.

           From summer to fall, and fall to winter, this transitional time of the year is one that people of all ages can enjoy. Everyone has something they can look forward to this fall season, whether it is new decorations and old traditions, or simply more events to anticipate.