5 things to do for Christmas Break



Picture of Rockefeller Center during the Christmas season

The bells are ringing, carols are playing, and Christmas lights are everywhere! The “most wonderful time of the year” is clearly here. Christmas celebrations occur all around the world. There are so many places that you can find your Christmas comfort at, and the following experiences are definitely worth the long trip. Christmas locations that will give you the most festive experience include New York, Beaver Creek, Solvang, Oahu, and Gothenburg. 

In this article, Culgan lists out NYC’s major events during the Christmas season. Every year, many ballerinas prepare to dance in The Nutcracker! These ballerinas will be performing at David H. Koch Theater throughout December, telling a magnificent story through their choreography. Make sure to buy your tickets quickly before they sell out! If watching a show isn’t enough, New York also has amazing holiday cruises. Classic Harbor Line’s holiday cruise is definitely something you should not miss out on. They provide you with festive family meals, an amazing view, and your favorite festive tunes played by a jazz band in the background. Lastly, you can skate at Winter Village at Bryant Park. Once you’ve skated to your heart’s content, hop off the ice, take a look through the shops in the village, and enjoy a delicious meal in one of the warm restaurants. So, bring your friends and hop onto the ice! 

Are you someone who enjoys sports and challenges? Then Colorado’s Beaver Creek is the perfect place for you! The stunning view of the alpine trees below when you ski there is among the most beautiful scenery you can see. The top of the trees will be covered in fluffy snow, and looking down from the top of the mountain will leave you awestruck by the landscape below. If you’re a beginner, don’t worry; Beaver Creek Resort provides lessons for people of all ages. It also has all sorts of trails for you to ski down on. If you ever feel hungry after accomplishing a long trail, simply ski down to the Beaver Creek village for a nice warm meal. So what are you waiting for? Book a lift ticket and happy skiing! 

Denmark is an amazing place to celebrate Christmas, but if you’re looking for a closer alternative, then Solvang, California is the place for you! Solvang’s little village is filled with the “holly jolly” spirit you’ve been looking for. Candlelight tours are given from November to December on a few selected dates. You will be given an LED light and, throughout your tour, you will be able to listen to the city’s past and Danish holiday celebrations. This Danish village is different from the malls you normally visit. The small buildings are squished together on a paved stone sidewalk; there’s curved awnings, gabled roofs, and even traditional windmills. These authentic Danish buildings make taking a stroll feel like walking through a traditional European village. Solvang is originally famous for its Danish styled bakeries, so it’s a must to try their traditional desserts. They have a variety of pastries to choose from. Ranging from their traditional cakes and cookies to breads and coffee, the bakeries are great places to start your morning. Their custom gingerbread houses are famous, so make sure to treat yourself to one of their desserts before they sell out!

Are you someone who would prefer staying in bed to facing the cold weather? Oahu is the place for you. Even in the winter season, Oahu’s weather ranges from the high 80s to the low 70s. The Nutcracker is a big hit during this time. What’s so special about this Nutcracker show? It’s Hawaiian-themed! These performances are only held for a few days in December, so book your ticket fast! Oahu also has great snorkeling locations with pleasant ocean temperatures. Other attractions include the Iolani Palace, a museum centered around Hawaii’s first monarchs. The courtyard outside is massive, and the inside is filled with artifacts and long stairways for you to explore and learn history through. Honolulu, a part of Oahu, is famous for its delicious food; you must try their poke bowls and acai bowls. They can be found almost everywhere! Honolulu is an incredible place to go no matter the time of the year. 

Our last destination is Gothenburg, Sweden’s second largest city. Gothenburg’s Christmas market is a major event during the holiday season. If you’re looking to start your Christmas adventure with a market of Swedish foods and Christmas treats, then Gothenburg is the place for you. The Christmas markets don’t stop here, though; walk down to Tjolöholms Slotts for more traditional Swedish treats. Liseberg, an amusement park, is home to the Christmas market. Hop on one of their roller coasters, and treat yourself to one of the market’s pastries. The Gothenburg’s Palmhust is a greenhouse with palm trees and other tropical plants. The building is kept warm in the winter, so when the weather gets chilly, explore the massive greenhouse while staying cozy. In the winter, Gothenburg gets really cold, so make sure to bring a big jacket and layer up!

In conclusion, there are plenty of amazing places to enjoy a cozy Christmas break, but New York, Beaver Creek, Solvang, Oahu, and Gothenburg are places to most definitely make your Christmas trip memorable. At the end of the day, though, these are just a few suggestions. There are endless attractions throughout the world, so it’d be a great idea to use this break to venture to new places with amazing traditions and decorations. If you still decide to snuggle up in your bed for the rest of winter break, then you’re missing out on all of these major holiday events that only show up for a limited time each year. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, book a flight, and go!