Newbery Award Winner A Wrinkle in Time an Interesting Summer Fantasy Read

A Wrinkle in Time is a medley of everything: a fascinating science fiction story of when life gets too routine, a summer game changer that will get your mind thinking, a collection of good quotes from Shakespeare and the Bible, a Harry Potter-esque battle between good and evil, and most importantly–the heartwarming narrative of an awkward small town girl who simply wishes to belong.

Meg Murry is a high school troublemaker who just wants to fit in. She finds that her braces and glasses make her unlike the others. Her rowdy nature makes her the laughingstock of the prim and proper girls. She wants life to be simple and to have answers, like the math and physics problems that she and her father solved when she was a little girl. But ever since her father went missing two years ago on a top-secret mission, her life has been nothing but confusing.

When a strange old lady stops by and talks of finding her father, Meg dives headfirst into an adventure involving the complex conundrum of time and space. Along with her goes her brilliant five year old brother Charles Wallace and her friend (and potential boyfriend?) Calvin O’Keefe.

I love fantasy. It gives me the exhilaration of being transported to another world–a world full of witches and wizards, hobbits and elves, loving old ladies and evil men with red eyes. I was very happy that A Wrinkle in Time gave me the same euphoria. As I traveled through time with Meg Murry, I knew that this novel was a great story that made me laugh when it was at its funniest moments and pray for Meg when she was most desperate.

Not only is A Wrinkle in Time entertaining, but the book also goes deep into issues such as individuality, bravery, and good versus evil. This novel makes you think about life and who you really are. Small tidbits, such as quotes and nursery rhymes, can symbolize something prodigious (to use a Charles Wallace word) in the A Wrinkle in Time universe.

Ultimately, A Wrinkle in Time is not your ordinary classic–it is one that people around the world treasured and that you will too.