working on the spring play

Lights! Stage! Action! From exaggerated gestures, to emotional heartbreaks, to loud laughter. The drama department is putting on a spring play (Lamerrie Project) on April 24 to April 27. Dublin High’s most successful plays takes a lot of prepping and energy out of the actors and actresses.
“I am in the regular drama department and it is a lot of work but imagining putting on this huge popular production must be exhausting,” Junior Ginikachi Okeke said.
Okeke who is a drama participant, and student exemplifies the pressure that goes into putting on such a prestigious school play at Dublin High, thus emphasizing the overall stress this production is capable of bringing onto the DHS participants in the spring play.
“We meet every single weekday from 3pm to 6:30pm,” Moraya Sousou, freshmen said. “But that’s not where it stops, we have to practice on our own time to make sure we are the best we actors and set builders can be.”
According to Sousou, so much work goes into putting on these huge productions at Dublin High. This may be why it’s such a popular play (aside from our great and talented DHS drama department) at Dublin High. So much dedication and diligence goes into the spring play and it shows in the results.
“Being one of the set designers on this play, it allows me to have more appreciation for the actors,” junior Alyssa Ponce said. “Being able to bring life to a background is amazing. This play will be one of the greatest this year due to how dedicated and passionate my cast members are.”
The DHS drama department’s dedication may be why the play is so popular all their diligence is to produce a great production. The spring play includes such responsible drama students who are passionate about doing the best in their craft, and willand this will implement