Dance is Relaxing My Mind!

Volume up. Feel the Rhythm. Just Dance!

Dance is a passion that most people can’t live without. It’s also a great exercise to relieve tension in a dancer’s life. For some dancers at Dublin High school, it relaxes their mind and keeps them on track with their schoolwork because it keeps them focused.

Some dancers start dancing at an early age for some like Kevin Sun, dance has been a big part of their lives. It’s who they are as a person and keeps them different.

“Dance is something to get better at each time and have a message that changes your views on how you see life,” Sun points out.

Exercise comes in different forms, and dancing can be one of them. Students can dance their stress away and calm down. Dancers join the Dance club to learn other dance moves they can incorporate their style and emotions into. Dancers can share their ideas with others to make a dance routine for rallies or competitions against other schools.

Mentality wise, dancing can be a real stress repellent because all the dance movement dancers do, it relaxes their minds and their body. For those who dance, it keeps them more focused because when they dance they can keep track of all the moves they are incorporating into their style and make it look smooth. For some like junior Christian Bariuan, dance is a stress repellant for him.

“I dance everything out,” Bariuan says. “It’s a stress reliever. Dancing shows emotions and keeps me focused without any stress instead of coming out the wrong way.”

Dance is a great way to exercise. It’s a great way to burn up calories and keep the heart pumping like any other sport. Sun has been dancing since the 7th grade and self taught himself.

“Dance is when you get to achieve a dance move you’ve wanted to master, then have a goal for something else to get better at next time.” Sun quotes.