Feng Cha Opens, Serves Fresh Tea with Dedication


Anika Yu

The storefront of Feng Cha Dublin.

For many Dublin High students, getting a cup of boba with friends is the best way to relax and recharge after a long school day. The popularity of boba, a drink consisting of chewy tapioca pearls in milk tea or fruit tea, has exploded over the past few years, and Dublin is no exception. With a number of boba shops already thriving in Dublin, Feng Cha is just the latest establishment to open its doors to the city. Having soft-opened since late 2022, Feng Cha hosted an official grand opening on January 28, 2023.

Feng Cha stands at 7660 Amador Valley Blvd ste F, which used to house Subway. Unlike the grab-and-go layout of most boba shops, the door opens up into a spacious seating area. Drinks and snacks can be enjoyed at any of the numerous tables or window-side seating. The bright lighting, gray walls, and soft beige flooring create an undeniably welcoming atmosphere for all who enter. As for the ambience: calming music plays at a low volume, making the shop an ideal study space.

There is plenty of seating inside Feng Cha. Thao, the owner, says she hopes customers can chat with friends over drinks and food in the shop. Anika Yu

The menu at Feng Cha elevates the standard offerings of a boba shop. Fruit teas include pieces of real, fresh fruit. In addition, the needs of customers are carefully taken into account — the shop serves lactose-free milk and sparkling water replacements for its caffeinated fruit teas. Thao, the owner, says “I really want to improve the city […] we try to make a lot of option for the customer.” Her recommendation for first-time visitors? “Crème Brûlée Dirty Boba!” Aside from drinks, the menu also boasts food — savory fried snacks such as popcorn chicken, calamari, and mozzarella, as well as mini cakes in flavors like Oreo and matcha.


On the day of the grand opening, I arrived at the shop at around 10:20 AM, at which point there were about 20 people milling around in the

The drinks I ordered: an Iron Goddess tea with taro foam and boba, and Kiwi Basil Green Tea with crystal boba. (Anika Yu)

front. By 10:40 AM, the line had increased to 60-80 people, and by the shop’s opening at 11:00 AM, the line wrapped around the side of the building to the back. Customers were lined up early to take advantage of the “Buy One Get One” deal and take a shot at a raffle reserved for the first hundred orders, a chance to win prizes such as airpods, an iPad, and the grand prize of one free Feng Cha drink every week for a year. Alena Dinh, a Dublin High student who also stood in line for the drinks, said, “I wanted to go for the raffle […] but also to try the new boba place.” When I finally stepped into the store, it was already 11:40 AM, the wait time exacerbated by every customer ordering multiple drinks. However, once I got to the counter, the ordering process was simple and I received my order within 5 minutes. I got an Iron Goddess Tea with Taro Foam and boba and a Kiwi Basil Green Tea with crystal boba.

The Kiwi Basil was my favorite with its strong tea flavor and crunchy basil seeds, but if you don’t like overly-sweet things, the fruit teas might not be for you — even at 30% sugar, the drink was noticeably sweet. The Iron Goddess had a more watery flavor and the boba was too soft for my taste, making it less memorable, but I understand that the busyness of the grand opening might have been the reason for decreased drink quality. Plus, the drinks were BOGO, so I have no real complaints.

From left to right: Oreo Cheese Milk Tea, Ginger Milk Tea, Jasmine Apple Green Tea, and Mango Au Lait. (Anika Yu)

On a previous visit, I had tried the Mango Au Lait, Jasmine Apple Green Tea, Oreo Cheese Milk Tea, and Ginger Milk Tea, all of which thoroughly impressed me and my entire family

The boba was cooked to the perfect chew. The Mango Au Lait was creamy with real mango flavor, and the Jasmine Apple Green Tea had little chunks of apple to sip along with the drink. Overall, the quality of the tea at Feng Cha was exceptional. Every drink was brewed strongly with distinct flavors.  

Feng Cha offers a sweet student discount on school days. (Anika Yu)

If you’re still unsure about whether or not to visit Feng Cha, the student “happy hour” discount should convince you. From Monday to Friday, students can receive 15% off their drink by showing their IDs. Give Feng Cha a try! It could become your new favorite boba shop.