The Annual Winter Concert at DHS


Naach Captains

DHS Naach Dikhade performing their mesmerizing and energetic start to their second song ‘Chikni Chameli’

Astonishment. Applause. Adrenaline. On December 1, the Dublin High 2022 Winter Concert was one to remember, with stunning performances in all genres of music. Passion and talent filled the stage, leaving Dublin High’s winter concert successful once again. 

“Each and every dance performance was magical,” Priyani Khandelwal, a freshman in the audience said. 

She’s not wrong. However, this concert had more to offer than its thrilling dance performances: it was highly diverse. With an array of different cultural dances represented, the concert showcased spectacular performances from the following dance teams: DHS Naach Dikhade, Latinos Unidas, DHS Afsana, Dance 1, Dance 2, Dance 3, and DHS Avani

DHS Naach, a South Asian dance group, performed two songs, Nadiyaan Paar and Chikni Chameli, in which they showcased their effortless moves, spectacular teamwork, and sensational energy. Meghana Marada, the president of the Naach team, stated that “performing at the concert was a great opportunity to bond within Naach and with other dancers,” and that she was “so proud to be on the most supportive team ever.” 

Latinos Unidas, a Latino dance group, performed Noche Buena in pairs. In their dance, they were able to showcase their talents and diversify DHS. 

DHS Afsana, another South Asian dance group, performed with sharp movements, showing their evident spirit and undeniable energy. Akhil Rajidi, a member of the Afsana team, said that “The Winter Concert was a great opportunity to showcase what Afsana has been working on these past couple of months. We performed many different South Asian dance styles and got to show the audience what our culture and dance are like.” 

The amount of work and discipline that goes into creating, memorizing, and executing the dance steps was clearly shown as each and every dance performance was amazing and portrayed a different style of dance. Dance 3 performed She’s a Bad Mama Jama and Damaged, bringing tap dance back to life along with an emotional aspect being brought to the concert. Dance 2 showcased Classic and Stupid Love, which was awarded an abundance of applause from the audience. Last but not least, Dance 1 energized the stage with their dance, Better When I’m Dancin. The Dance Team also performed eloquently, adding excitement and energy to the concert.

DHS Avani, a South Asian dance group specializing in the dance of bhangra, performed a mind-blowing representation of modern-day bhangra. Mannat Dhot, an official of Avani, stated that “It always feels surreal dancing on stage and goes by faster than imagined. It’s a privilege when we get to share our culture with the community, and we are grateful Ms. DeLucia gave us the chance.” This bhangra captivated the audience as they got to experience the unique moves that the dance showcased. 

In the midst of the splits, jumping, and spins, there is a message that is being represented. The Winter Concert shows how, although there are many different types of dancing, they all are connected through community. In the waiting room, behind the curtains and the audience, all teams, regardless of the different cultures they were representing, cheered each other on and offered support for one another. 

This Winter Concert was filled with captivating and thrilling performances, so make sure to catch the next one!