Memes Now Accepted As Currency for School Lunch

Are you sure about that? The lunch lady will decide.

Are you sure about that? The lunch lady will decide.

In an effort to be able to keep up with modern times, the Dublin High School cafeteria announced a surprising news release: memes will now be accepted as currency to purchase school lunch.


A funny, safe-for-work meme can be exchanged for a meal which includes an entree, a drink, a side and a salad. A “funny” meme is purely at the discretion of the cafeteria employee. Memes that are out of date, unfunny, or inappropriate (especially textposts) will be denied emphatically by slapping the meme out of your hand and saying “you’re fired!” Dublin High School hopes that by accepting memes, they will be able to promote their school lunches and provide a way to encourage art. They say that money is not a problem, as they have a way to exchange these memes for currency from a third party. However, they specify that the meme has to be original.


The meme can not be stolen from Instagram or any other sites. If stolen, it will cost three memes to pay for the next meal. Stolen memes will mean detention for the offender. In order to promote this new change, the Cafeteria will open up a Memeology course during lunch shortly after spring break to make sure people know how to make funny and original memes. The cafeteria will still accept money, but you must also beat the lunch lady in a rap battle.


To make sure the memes are of high quality, each cafeteria worker will be educated in quality memery. To support this change, the cafeteria will release the hashtag #goodmemesforpayment.


SIDE NOTE: Memes will also be accepted as currency in the recent concerts announced.