A New Year Calls For Change: Students Share New Year’s Resolutions For 2018

In these past few days, it’s common to hear people say, “New year, new me!”

With 2017 drawn to a close, the New Year is an opportunity for us to reflect upon ourselves and make resolutions to bring positive changes in our lives, such as accomplishing personal goals or changing our unhealthy habits from the previous year.


While these resolutions may be a sudden burst of motivation for us to improve our lives, you may find it difficult to maintain and achieve the long-term goal from January as the year goes by. So, if you’re wondering how to maintain your goal, consider setting realistic goals because you are more likely to keep these goals throughout the year. Long-term goals may seem daunting to achieve at first, leading some people to give up easily. The best way to meet  long-term goals is to breakdown the goal into smaller, attainable steps to keep yourself motivated. As you meet  these smaller goals, you will gradually reach your overall goal.


Let’s see what Dublin High students are hoping to achieve this year!


(Submissions have been modified for clarity.)


Gowri Datta, DHS Junior:

“My resolutions are to fix my horrible posture, get organized, stop procrastinating, and work efficiently so that I can sleep the amount required for people my age — 8 – 10 hours.”


Anonymous, DHS Junior:

“I want to become more observant so I say less stupid things. Then I’ll improve my social skills and school.”


Anonymous, DHS Sophomore:

“I need to sleep earlier and longer. I guess I need to improve my time management skills so I get my work done earlier.”


Alicia Chen, DHS Junior:

“I want to exercise more.”


Anonymous, DHS Junior:

“My resolution is to be more positive because I often feel tired after a long day at school. I think I should try to be positive so I can also feel more motivated to get my work done!”


Anonymous, DHS Freshman:

“My resolution is to try new things! I want to try new things because I don’t have a lot of hobbies right now. Finding another thing I enjoy is something I look forward to.”