DHS Celebrates Halloween!

Mrs. Jacob-Bohart as the Wicked Witch of the West.

Another spooky Halloween passes, and to reflect, let’s look at the costumes of DHS! The most popular costume on campus seemed to be onesies in all shapes and sizes. Onesie popularity may have soared due to the chilly weather. The weather also contributed to a general decline in costumes, with more people wearing warmer clothes. The change was noticeable to some individuals. Freshmen Aidan Garcia said, “This year’s Halloween was less spirited than usual.”


However, check out these costumes from across the school!


Mrs. Jacob-Bohart as the Wicked Witch of the West.


Freshman Adyah Rastogi in an unicorn onesie.


Mr. Meyers in a Charmander onesie.


Freshman Josh Meier in his Naruto costume.


Sophomore Sid Sharma wearing his “asshat”.


Junior Grant Manning in his Luke Skywalker costume.


Freshman Jacob Raciomora in a pizza costume.


Freshman Sydney Lundquist as a tacky tourist.