The 2017 Homecoming Skit Rally Was a Moment of Unity for DHS

As yet another year of homecoming has come and gone, the iconic night skit rally was definitely not an event to have missed. The 2017 rally featured some of the most memorable skits, performances, and announcements that have graced Dublin High.


The rally began with pride-filled and spirited chants from the student sections. The whole room was filled with the cheers from the classes of  ‘18, ‘19, ‘20, and ‘21. It was an excellent way to begin the night and was followed by a performance from Dublin’s very own song team, whose perfectly synchronized routine hyped up the audience even more!


Next, the freshman homecoming prince and princess were announced. Congratulations to the winners Kai Liao and Brigitte Ledergerber! The skit and dance for the freshman class followed, capturing their theme of Spongebob through acting and dancing. Their skit involved Spongebob showing his friends the ropes of Dublin High and how to get spirited for homecoming week.


Then, the cheer and stunt teams performed energetic routines. Repping that Gael spirit, they enthusiastically cheered and danced to the beats of the music.


The sophomore homecoming prince and princess were announced next. Congrats to Kyle Elias and Samantha Miumi for becoming homecoming royalty! The Neverland themed skit and dance followed, which was full of colorful costumes and enthusiastic spirits. The skit follows Wendy, a student in detention, and her exploration of Dublin spirit alongside Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, and other loved Neverland characters.


John Kim

Next, the junior homecoming royalty, Jhon Solis and Sophia Rodriguez, were crowned, and the juniors performed their Star Wars themed skit and dance. The search to repair a broken rocket involved the meeting of many of the Star Wars cast, both good and evil. The dance, choreographed by Dianca Tanod, revolved around a dance-off between the Jedi Order and the Stormtroopers. The extensive use of props and excellent costumes was a clear indicator of the success of the junior class collaboration.


Amulya Vallabhaneni


The hip hop team, as always, stunned the students and adults alike with their swagger and choreography.


Lastly, senior king homecoming royalty was announced. Out of five potential candidates, Robin Bajwa, Gaurav Phanse, Noah Bradley, Ian Matta, and Alex Tran, Noah Bradley took the crown for the 2017 Homecoming King. It was a very nostalgic experience for all the student classes, especially the seniors.


The seniors ended the night with their sentimental Toy Story skit and dance. The skit featured a grown man, reminiscing about his high school past and how each of his toys supported him at a pivotal point in his four-year-journey. At the end, the seniors passed on the box of toys to the juniors as symbol of passing responsibility and leadership to them. It was a time of unity for the school, as everyone came together, tossed aside any class rivalry, and truly became one Dublin High.


The skit night of 2017 was a fun-filled and memorable event. When asked about the success of the shows, junior Payton Chow, a participant in the junior class skit, responded, “It was awesome for me, the dances are my favorite part. Since it was my first time being a part of the skit, it was a little nerve-wracking at first but once we were all set up, everything felt fine.”


The rally was a great way to segway into the later events of the week, such as the parade, football game, and dance. The Fantasyland themed homecoming of 2017 can truly be considered a success in regards to it being another way for the students of Dublin High to become more interconnected and display one-of-a-kind spirit. As always, go Gaels!