DHS Leadership Senior Capstone Project Highlight

The logo for the Cotton Project.

The logo for the Cotton Project.

Dublin High’s leadership class never fails to go above and beyond and this year, student activities director, Kelly Beck, assigned an end of the year Capstone Project for all outgoing seniors in the Leadership class. Hoping to make their lasting impression on the school, (as well as cure senioritis) the seniors paired up and picked teams from student leadership to assist them in creating and running a community event. Some projects have already been completed successfully while others are still in development, nonetheless the seniors are hard at work for their last hurrah representing the community as a current Gael.


The Cotton Project

Seniors: Amanda Chau and Bianca Ng

The Cotton Project is a non-profit that targets to aid women who cannot afford feminine hygiene products. By the production of t-shirts, 100% of the proceeds benefit these women and provide for them. So far, they’ve sold almost fifty t-shirts and have raised $525 of their $800 goal on Go Fund Me. To donate, go to: https://www.gofundme.com/3f6pik0


The Dublin Bowl

Seniors: Brooke Legins and Julia Gomez

Proven to be a success, the first annual Dublin Bowl consisted of athletes of the Dublin High football team who were divided into two flag football teams based on their respective middle schools, Wells or Fallon. There was a large turnout from the student section and a win from the Wells team rounded out the night.


Amazing Race (Around DHS)

Seniors: Kera Hunsaker and Ashley Hedt

Much alike the hit television show, the Dublin High edition of The Amazing Race consists of pairs competing in challenges around campus equipped with roadblocks, speedbumps and fun. The competition will take place the last Friday before Finals Week. Contact Kera Hunsaker or Ashley Hedt for more information.


Concert in the Quad

Seniors: Jenny Dyer and Cassity Rowen

On March 23 and 24, two lunchtime concerts were provided on campus in the Quad. Student-performers from a wide range of talent showcased their acts while their classmates enjoyed their lunches on the lawn and listened to good music. The second day was unfortunately rained out but was moved into the Well where the audience sat on the bleachers for a more intimate concert experience.


Givin’ is Livin’

Seniors: Trisha Shah and Ashley Barr

The Givin’ is Livin’ project is a non-profit that aids the impoverished youth of India. With the purchase of a photo (courtesy of Trisha Shah photography), you are given the background of the person pictured as well as providing aid to the Banganga Community of India.