Improv the Nation Show


Courtesy of Jaxon Chasity

From left to right: Rosemary Hughes (JV Improv), Quentin ‘Tino’ Curtis, Niki ‘Beluga’ Butler, Trevor ‘Chillaax’ Haar, Dylan ‘Prank’ Seeley, Simone ‘Raven’ Campos, Noah ‘Hermes’ McMoyler, Caeden Perriman (JV Improv), Jaxon ‘Poppy Seed’ Chasity, Noah ‘Bradypus’ Bradley.

Improv the Nation once again brought the house down with laughter, this time with new team member Noah ‘Hermes’ McMoyler. The show opened with a hilarious resolution to the segment from this week’s video bulletin in which Noah defeats the fight started in the segment (to see the segment, go here).


After the over the top opening, the improv dished out laugh after laugh through a variety of games. Each game was different from the last and all were jam packed with puns and comic relief. Needless to say, the show was incredible and the witty on-their-toes-thinking was jaw dropping.


“I died laughing so hard,” said Senior Srinidhi Srinivassan, who’s also a member of the Drama Department. “It was a great way to end an otherwise stressful week.”


Director’s cut was one of crowd’s favorite games. To begin the game the audience came up with the movie title “Origami and Afraid”. With that as their only inspiration, actors Nikki ‘Beluga’ Butler, Quentin ‘Tino’ Curtis, Noah ‘Bradypus’ Bradley had to create a scene from a movie. “Director” Noah ‘Hermes’ McMoyler, changed the genre of the scene at his choosing. Each time the three actors had to tailor the scene of “Origami and Afraid” from horror, to romance, and a broadway level musical and keep it true to the title.
A personal favorite was one of the ending games “tripolar”, in which Jaxon ‘Poppy Seed’ Chadsey and Simonne ‘Raven’ Campos acted the part of a confused couple trying to sort things out while moving through three zones of emotion: stressed out, giddy, and confused. The arbitrary changing of emotion while acting out the same scene made the scene felt almost too real and made the audience laugh until they cried. I walked out of the theater with sore cheeks and a light heart. After a busy week, the Improv Show was the perfect way to laugh the stress away and take a break. If you missed this one, don’t worry you can catch Improv the Nation on March 28.