Winter Break Traditions

“Every year on New Years’ Eve, our family makes lobster for dinner” – Presley Shum (11th grade)

“Our only Christmas present is pajamas, which are the ones that we wear on the night of Christmas” –Rosemarie Hughes (12th Grade)

“It’s my Dad’s birthday during break, so we celebrate it. We also make sure to watch movies during break” –Druti Pandya (10th Grade)

“We have a huge New Years’ Eve party with all of our family friends”

Juhi Mehta (11th Grade)

“My mom tells us to be good kids, or else we won’t get presents” –Banoo Khani (10th Grade)

“During the whole month, I would check off the days till Christmas using one of those calendars with the door and the candy cane in it” –Marchelle Anonuevo (10th Grade)

“We drink eggnog and eat pie every year” –Donald Davis (11th Grade)

“We have one of those ABC family movie marathons” –Myles Moodid (11th Grade)

“I go to San Francisco with my friends, and it has been two years of us doing this” –Chloe Ma (11th Grade)

“We watch Christmas movies together as a family and put up decorations” – Keshav Jindal (11th Grade)

“We have a list of movies that we watch while drinking hot chocolate and setting up the tree. And on Christmas morning, my brother makes us all breakfast, and he used to be creative, but now it is just scrambled eggs” – Emily Bishop (10th Grade)

“My whole family comes over and we have a Christmas party” –Ethan Deguzman (10th Grade)

“We go to Lake Tahoe every year and ski” –Emily Nie (10th Grade)

“We have a New Year’s party with friends and family.” –Karah Pedregosa (11th Grade)

“I go ice skating with my friends every year” –Makenzie Spicer (10th Grade)