Meet Ms. Sininger, Our New Bio Teacher

Ms. Megan Sininger is the new teacher for  Bio w/ Research and AP Biology.

Ms. Sininger was interested in teaching Biology ever since her honors biology course from high school. She says: “My teacher made the curriculum relevant, engaging, and interactive – we applied the concepts to real-world scenarios and we made videos and songs for the more difficult concepts.”

She grew up in San Ramon, so she knew about Dublin High School and was impressed in how progressive it is. She was extremely excited to get the offer to teach here and is looking forward to sharing her knowledge and passion for the subject.

When asked, “What are you looking forward to in your teaching career in Dublin High?”

Ms. Sininger replied, “I hope “everything” is an acceptable answer!”

Many of her students have already grown to appreciate her innovative methods of teaching, As said by junior Sarang Vadali, an AP Bio student: “Ms. Sininger provides us with a lot of resources outside of her lectures, such as videos or animations.”  

While doing her usual lectures, she tries her best to make sure her students understand every part of the material in order to build their knowledge in biology, while also preparing them for the AP test at the end of the year. Junior James Wang, also one of her AP Bio students, said: “She is an excellent teacher in the subject of molecular biology who utilizes all possible resources in attempt for us to have a comprehensive understanding of complex topics.” This appreciation of her teaching is reciprocated by nearly all of her AP Bio students.

Ms. Sininger also teaches Bio w/ Research for freshmen. Tanya Mehta, one of her Bio students, said: “She teaches us really well and motivates us to do our best.” Most of her Bio students enjoy and look forward to having a great year in her class.