DHS Welcomes Summer

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The 2015-2016 school year is finally over and summer is already calling Dublin High Students into new worlds of fun.


On Thursday, the seniors graduated and our principal Mrs. Shimizu retired after running Dublin High for twelve years. Not only has our school been completely rebuilt with the gorgeous campus we all know today, but the school culture, both academically and extracurricularly, has changed for the better. Mr. Morehead, the editor of OneDublin, who interviewed Mrs. Shimizu many times over her time at Dublin High, said, “Ms Shimizu’s remarkable tenure at Dublin High, ended only by a decision to retire, demonstrates the depth of her Gael spirit. She oversaw a remarkable transformation in the quality, perception and physical infrastructure of DHS while building on the unique, inclusive, small community culture that is Dublin High.”


The Dublin Shield wants to say congratulations to all this year’s seniors (whom I’m sure have heard this a million times, but they totally deserve it). We hope that you have a wonderful summer and relax (no, truly, there are no more tests for at least a couple months) before starting in colleges all around the country this fall.


With the Class of 2016 officially graduated, a new reign of Seniors begins (long live the class of 2017) and  they are eager to begin running down the yellow-brick road towards their own graduation next June. As of August 15, there are 180 more school days until they walk across the stage (but, of course, they already know that).


The Class of 2018, otherwise known as “juniors”, are finally upperclassmen. We wish them good luck on what is considered by many the most stressful year of high school. Some good ways to relieve said stress are: 1) throw math book against wall, 2) sleep and forget about it all, 3) go shopping at the mall.


Just as we have new seniors and juniors, we also have new sophomores! The members of the Class of 2019 are now officially not freshmen. We hope you enjoy going off campus for lunch! The Classes of 2018 and 2017 hope that the Class of 2019 will not squander this privilege by being too sophomoric.


Last but not least, we welcome the Class of 2020. You’ve left middle school behind and are now, drumroll please, freshmen! The Class of 2019 sends you its love and gives you the wonderful gifts of FMP and Freshman Seminar; they wish you luck.


Have a wonderful summer, Dublin High!