Film Festival—Call to Action!


The  Second Annual Film Festival of 2016 is arriving once again this May! Students interested in submitting a film of their choice are encouraged to participate in this exciting, new event of Dublin High. Whether it is an emotional, heart-stirring film that’s bound to cause some tears in the audience or a fun, heart-lifting film that’ll without a doubt shine a smile across everyone’s face; all genres of short-movies are more than accepted. The only exception for a film is that it must not contain any use of profanity in any form of language or source of music. All completed films must be submitted in by April 15th in order for a board of teachers to select films that will be showcased for the official screening on May 19th.

Last year at Dublin High’s First Annual Film Festival, several types of films were presented. Films ranged from documentaries about depression to heartwarming films about acts of kindness.  Dublin High 2015 graduate Juliette Chabot shared the constant battles of her sister, Camille Chabot, who was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma Stage 4. Chabot’s film embodied the brutality of what an illness did to a young 19 year old as well as the ambitious drive that was held within her elder sister. Another student, Kyle Reed, directed a short film, Croak Road, about a young teenager who faced several troubles regarding himself and how he was viewed amongst his friends. Students produced these films to send across important messages that sometimes can be difficult to articulate into words to our peers and loved ones. Beyond that these students sent across a vision, a form of art that could be remembered vividly in every viewer’s eyes, ears, and mind. The Film Festival held simple but significant beauty.

For more information on how you can take part in this year’s Film Festival, make sure to check out and for any questions regarding scripts and ideas make sure to contact Mr. D’ Ambrosio at [email protected].