DHS Kicks Off Valentine’s Day Weekend at Sadie’s

Through all the exams, homework, extracurriculars, and jobs, the students at Dublin High still manage to fit fun into their schedules. The week of February 8th started off with an exuberance of students dressed lazy and not for the reason you’d expect. In anticipation for the 2016 Sadies Dance, Dublin High had a spirit week. The following days for that spirit week included: plaid day, crazy sock day, jersey day, and class color day. All week, Singagrams were sold by the choir classes to many different tunes, such as the classic “High School Musical Medley” and the Disney “Love is an Open Door”.  When Friday came, many students were surprised in one or more of their classes by collaborations of favored love songs. That day also included a Valentine’s Day rally filled with performances from the cheer and dance team, games between winter sport athletes, and a special goodbye to Mrs. Dowden, a long-time secretary at the school who is moving to South Lake Tahoe with her husband.

The Sadie’s dance was to kick off at 7:00 PM in the student union, and the turnout was successful. Not only did people dress up, but in the most clever outfits. Costumes seen at the dance included the famous duos, Clark Kent and Lois Lane, Popeye and Olive Oyl, Salt and Pepper, Mario and Luigi, Gabriella and Troy, and many more. Bigger groups even took some themed outfits, like fraternity boys, the four seasons, the plastics, and even Justin Bieber’s backup dancers. Dressed as Leia with Han Solo by her side, Angelica Adajar said, “I somehow raked up the courage to get myself a cool date, and we danced and hung out with friends, and overall it was a great night.” The dance ended at 10:00 PM and left underclassmen excited for next year’s Sadies, and seniors sentimental but satisfied with it being their last.