Your Future, Your Choice

Coming into High School, almost all students look forward to the sporting events, rallies, and the variety of extracurricular activities that weren’t offered in middle school. The aspect that some students don’t realize, before your Senior Year, you’re expected to know what you’re going to be doing after high school. Some have a plan, and some play it by ear. The choice of going to a 4 year college or a Community College, are up to the students here at Dublin High School.

For the students, that have chosen to go to a Community College, it might have been because of grades, money, or because they didn’t really know what they wanted to do in the future. Senior Bella Cousins feels pretty good about her decision to go to a Junior College. She will be attending Las Positas in the Fall.

Going to a JC, isn’t such a bad thing. You get to take a few years to explore your career options. Even if it’s just a basic degree, you get to experience different paths, different majors and professors. If one wishes to further their education, they have the option to transfer to a 4 year college after completing 2 years at a JC. Las Positas isn’t the only Community College in the bay area either. Foothill College, DVC, Laney, Contra Costa College, and even Merritt College. There are even more options to choose from, the possibilities are endless.

“I’m currently enrolled into Beauty School as an ROP course, and still haven’t decided where I’m going or what I want to do out of high school,” junior Mandy Alvarado says. “Although I do wish that I had better grades in my earlier years in high school, I found something I love to do and cannot wait to see where this takes my in the future.”

Student’s never keep the same college plans they do coming into high school as they do graduating from high school. Whether that may be enlisting in the army instead of going to college, or pursuing a particular sport. Junior Silas Jackson transferred to Dublin High his sophomore year and says that he now plans on attending a Junior College when he graduates from Dublin High. Since he is still a junior, he has time to figure out where exactly he wishes to attend to come the fall of 2015.