Watching what you post online

ABOVE: Andrew Europa constantly checking his phone.

Liliana Wong

ABOVE: Andrew Europa constantly checking his phone.

Stalkers, creepers, catfishes, and fake profiles are all reasons why students should be careful about what they do online. There are places to share personal information but it is important for people to know that the internet is not the place to do so.

The internet is very useful for connecting with friends and killing time, but people should be aware that what they post online could potentially be used against them.

“When students grow up and decide to get a job, what they post to show the world can definitely be used against them,” Lucia Sing, the manager of the San Francisco Public Library stated.

People have lost their jobs, temporary or not, due to their past posts. Their carelessness costed them their future.

“One time one of the employees was talking about his boss online and that caused him his job,” Sing explained once again.

Not only can it hurt a student’s future, it can also affect them now. The administration keeps a look out on social medias and can report something if the post is inappropriate or not.

“I never knew that administration can look through our posts,” junior  Francisco Ramos said. “It makes me think twice about what I tweet about.”

It is for the students’ safety because once something inappropriate goes out into the internet, it can never be deleted.

The internet could also be used for cyber bullying. Cyber bullying is the use of electronic communication to bully a person, typically by sending messages of an intimidating or threatening nature. This has been a problem because it can really hurt a person not physically, but mentally. What somebody posts as a joke can have a negative effect on another person.

“There are constantly jokes that can be hurtful online,” junior Devin Norans stated.  “I wish I can prevent it but it is what it is.”

Being cautious and thinking twice about what a student posts online can make a difference one post at a time.