What Schools have the Seniors gotten into?

ABOVE: Jennifer Lee visiting MIT.

ABOVE: Jennifer Lee visiting MIT.

Admitted. Rejected. Wait-listed. These are the three responses high school seniors will either be seeing or will already have seen by now from colleges they have applied to. As of now, the majority of colleges have released their decisions. But how were admissions this year for the students of Dublin High?

“I got into the University of Southern California for acting and Boston Conservatory for musical theater,” Patrick Wallace says.

When talking about admissions, Wallace feels, “.. like admissions weren’t fair this year, a lot of my friends didn’t get into schools they would statistically get into previous years, I witnessed a lot of dreams get crushed,” Wallace continues.

Interestingly, Wallace had to audition for USC, where about 20 out of 700 applicants got admitted. Wallace believes that it is never too early to prepare for college, and that students should be ready for everything when it comes to admissions. While Wallace is going to school for theater, there are various other schools seniors will be going to.

“I’ll be going to Rhode Island School of Design for illustration,” Jon Ng states.  “I feel like admissions were pretty good this year, a lot of my friends got into their top choices for art school.”

Ng was admitted into various schools this year for illustration, such as Pratt Institute and Maryland Institute of Art and much more. Aside from Ng and Wallace, who are majoring in the arts, there are others who will be going into school for science.

“I’m extremely excited to be attending the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the fall as a biological engineering major!” Jennifer Lee exclaims.  “As always, there is no perfect formula to getting into college–the most important thing is to try to show your true passions in your essays! Also, starting early, procrastination is never a good idea.”

Lee had a lot of great choices, but chose MIT for its science focused curriculum and awesome mascot. Lee is excited to be attending school in the same city as her sister, Michelle Lee, who graduated from Dublin in 2011 and attends Harvard University.

The class of 2014 has definitely had an overwhelming amount of success in terms of college admissions. No matter what school the students will attend, everyone should be proud of their own achievements!