Facebook posts, chats, pokes and friend requests were all the rage for teenagers between 2005 to 2012. Now teenagers have drifted to instagram, twitter and tumblr since Facebook was and is now overtaken by our generations parents and grandparents.

Older generations use facebook to reconnect with family and old friends. Some parents also use Facebook to see what their children and grandchildren are posting online. Although they’ll say it’s just to stay in touch.

No teenager wants or needs their parents and or grandparents stalking their social media. For teenagers social media is an outlet of expression, an outlet where parents are not permitted. Some Dublin High students use facebook as a cover up so that their parents and grandparents can see what their posting while they lean on twitter and instagram secretly.

“I only use facebook for my family so they can see what’s going on with me and what not,” junior Serena Oliver said. “ Sometimes I use it for school stuff but never for my friends.”

Facebook is no longer an active part of today’s teenagers lives. Facebook has been pushed aside by other social media, teenagers would rather use social media that is unsupervised where they are allowed to share their real thoughts without feeling that their parent or guardian is glaring over their profile.

“I stopped using Facebook so long ago, once my parents tried to friend me,” junior Kristyn Ponce said.

Facebook is no longer relevant. It’s overpopulated by parents whom have pushed teenagers out and away towards different forms of social media, what will these teen parents take over next? Teenagers social media is sacred, a place where they don’t want family members hovering.