Prom Asks

An outrageous amount of Googling, Pinterest and Tumblr searching goes into asking someone to a dance such as Prom or Ball, some asks are more outrageous and extravagant than others but all just as thoughtful. At Dublin High our students are preparing for prom in a major way, girls are on the search for their perfect dress, stressing over color coordination,  ordering corsages, boutonnieres and tickets.


A main factor of prom is who and how the students get your date, Dublin High students, both guys and girls, put hard work and effort into asking their special someone.


Patrick Barr, junior at Dublin High, asked his longtime friend, junior Meaghan Gavaghan to prom by dressing up in a Hawaiian outfit with a sign that wrote, ‘ Get a early start at Tahitian with me at Prom? ‘


“I wasn’t really nervous to ask her, we’re friends and I know I’ĺl have a good time with her as my date,” Patrick stated,” It wasn’t awkward or anything because we’re so close.”


For some asking a friend is the perfect way to go, students are able to relax and have a good time. For others who have a boyfriend, girlfriend or are even in the stage of dating it can become more difficult to figure out a special way to ask. Many people search online for the perfect way, pulling from internet ideas and some are original, special to those two people.


“I just wanted it to be very thoughtful and special for him, it took me a while to think of a perfect way to ask that would be special for us,” Junior Suzy Kim said, “ I was excited because I knew he would be as well, that’s the best part. “


Dublin High has done the most in order to find a special way to ask their girl or guy, weeks before prom Instagram and Twitter are clutter with how he asked her or vice versa, as each pair posts their ‘asks pictures’.