What do Students at Dublin do for Community Service hours?

ABOVE: CSF members volunteering at the Oakland Zoo on March 8, 2014.

Caitlin Benoit

ABOVE: CSF members volunteering at the Oakland Zoo on March 8, 2014.

Throughout the school year and even over summer, students of Dublin High participate in various different activities just for their community service hours.

Community service is one of the many things required to receive the different diplomas to graduate high school.   Students are also able to use community service to their advantage, depending on how well what they’re doing reflects onto them and how much they could possibly write about their activities in applications. Community service simply opens up a new horizon of opportunities for students.

“I enjoy the positive experiences through making lasting impacts whenever I help out,” Angie Wang, senior at Dublin claims. “When doing community service, students should enjoy themselves and not just work for the hours.”

Wang volunteers every week at the Oakland Children’s hospital and is the president of Dublin High’s Interact Club, which is a youth-run community service club. Community service can even help teach the students.

“Community service is good,” Winnie Liu, senior at Dublin High states. “Because of it, I learned that I wanted to be more philanthropic in the future; it’s always good to participate.”

For Liu’s community service hours, she went all the way to China and taught orphans English, as well as built a bathroom and taught them programming on weekends. Students at Dublin have their opinions on community service, that should not be overlooked.

“Community service is essential for kids our age, because it gives a sense of responsibility,” Hailai Arghandiwal explains. “At first, it was something different, but it gave me a good feeling inside.”

For community service, Arghandiwal does a variety of things, including training little kids in the Afghan community for soccer, leadership, helping out at soup kitchens in Oakland and raising money for kids in Afghanistan at soccer games.

When it comes to community service, there are a variety of things that students can do. With that being said, students can possibly make new friends, find hidden interests, and even find a new source of enjoyment. Community service can be life changing and even make a difference when written down in college applications.