Last Football Game of the Season


Rose Hansen

The Dublin Gaels regrouping after a play

Excitement and confusion surrounded the last game of the season even before the kick off. The Dublin Gaels wore throwback jerseys, but why?

“To have the players focus more about how they play rather than what they wear,” explains the Varsity football coaches.

While walking into the stadium the tension was thick. Campolindo had a record of 9-0; the Gaels had tough competition. As the players took their positions the Gaels began the game with the kick off. In the first quarter, the Gaels were able to put some points on the board. The team faced some problems entering the second quarter with defense and some turnovers on offense. As they ended the second quarter the score was 29-3 with Campolindo in the lead.

With the Gaels determination and will, the Gaels were able to come back to score a few more points in the third and fourth quarter. At the end of it all, they lost a hard fought game with a score of 50-24. And with the game over so was the regular season.

For a lot of seniors, this will be their last football game ever.

“It has been amazing playing with such an amazing team.” Tai Ahmed, a Senior on varsity said. “ Without them I wouldn’t be the person I am today.” Many players felt the same way, sports (in particular football) changed their lives. Even with the seniors leaving they are hopeful for next years players.

“I might not be able to be on the field or with my team but I certainly hope for the best,” J.R. Childers states.

Through thick and thin, the football team has made Dublin High extremely proud according to the parents and students in the stands. The players have always made the games fun and exciting for the fans to watch. With the season done, and the Seniors leaving it’s so easy to close the chapter of this years football season on a sad note.

“We had a lot of good experiences, and with all of the bad that happened it made us stronger as a team,” Maxwell Egbujor a Junior says.