Early Birds

A student dozing off during a class.

Liliana Wong

A student dozing off during a class.

Usually, the day before a test a teacher will always remind the students to get a good night sleep to prepare. How would they expect us to get a good sleep when it is mandatory for students to disrupt their sleep and drag their bodies to school? I believe that students will do better in school if school started later.

“Sleep is important because it makes you feel refreshed and refueled for the rest of the day” Ms.Hull, a history teacher stated.

Everyday wouldn’t be such a drag if students didn’t have to worry about being late to class. It would give students more time to prepare in the morning and not be stressed about what to wear. Teachers may argue that school is just for education but there will always be students that spend extra time on their appearance.

“I wake up at 5 in the morning just to get ready to not be late to school.” Bella Recto, a freshman stated, “I get so tired for the rest of the day.”

It would be hard to concentrate if the students are even too tired to keep their heads off their desk. They wouldn’t have to worry about that if school just started a few hours later.

Mr.Chatigny, a biology teacher argues that,”Your head is only six pounds!”

but the old noodle always feels ten times heavier in the morning.

Some may argue that it gives you more time to do things after school is over, but in my opinion, I’d rather have a comfortable long sleep everyday and be energized for the rest of the day. No more bags under my eyes, skipping breakfast, missing out on lectures, just pure blissful sleep.

In schools such as Lowell High School, the students attending that school are able to choose what time they want to take their classes. With this option, they are able to have school that revolves around their own schedule. This would be perfect because every student will have a different schedule for their own taste.

A student dozing off during a class.