Life as a Teen

Our parents always tell us that being a teenager is the best time of their lives but I believe that it is one of the toughest time is a young adult’s life. Teenagers are too young to act like adults and yet we are too old to act like a child. It is sometimes hard to see where teens stand. They get judged constantly and most of them fall into the line of peer pressure.

Teenagers are constantly being judged by the way they look or the way they act. They are told that teenagers have to be a certain way to be accepted or “cool.” It has came to the point where it seems like every teenager is the same because of what they are expected to be. It is a very hard time of their life because if they party or drink they are considered unintelligent and a bad influence and if they don’t and are in touch with their youth, they are called immature. Sometimes young adults feel like they have the need to dress and do certain things so they would have more friends.

“Sometimes I feel like society makes us want to become something we can’t. It causes me to feel worthless and insecure.” Devin Norans, a junior, stated.

Peer pressure is a huge challenge that we have to go through when being a teen because everyone has the need to be accepted by the people around them. Teenagers are still in the process from learning right from wrong and sometimes friends can influence them to make a wrong decisions that are thought to be right. We have been told drinking, drugs, and parties are all bad ideas our whole life and yet you see young adults holding red cups at a typical party. The way a person acts always reflects on their surroundings.

“I think that friends have a big factor on how you act. For example I wouldn’t have started dancing if my friends never had the idea.” Dustin Mai, a junior stated.