Trick or Treat!

It’s that special time of the year once again, and no, it’s not Christmas. It’s Halloween! The one day a year where everyone can go all out and get into character, literally. The one night kids look forward to because it’s the one time they have an excuse to eat all the candy they can fit in their belly. But for high schoolers, it’s not just the candy or costumes anymore. Teenagers nowadays love to go Trick or Treating in groups with their friends and just walk around town until they can’t walk anymore.

Senior, Faith Ablao, says that she loves to go to Dublin Ranch because there are some houses that give out full size candies.

Although Halloween is mainly for kids, people at DHS have more interesting costumes now, compared to when they were little because of the new shows and movies that come out. Halloween also gives people the chance to express themselves and not being judged based off of their look.

Senior, Jalen Lockett, says that his favorite costume of all time was Batman, because that was his favorite superhero as a kid

With kids these days, they only go trick or treating, and then go home to bask in their lump some of candy in their bag. That isn’t how the students at DHS do things on Halloween Night. Depending on if it is a school night or not, there are certain events that go on throughout Dublin. Whether it be a Haunted House, or even a party. Even though Dublin is kind of a small town, there is always something happening.

    “My plans for halloween don’t break my night. As long as I’m with my friends, I’m okay with anything.” Junior, Caitlin Carrion says. Not everyone goes out for halloween, nor does going out really affect their Halloween.

    Not everyone celebrates the holidays the same. Some go all out, and some just treat it as an average day. Halloween can be scary, sweet, boring, or even superstitial. You may never know what the spirits have in store for you.