Reality Check

   Going from the summer schedule back to School, is a very big transition, students must make a lot of changes. Reality Check, it’s crunch time.

   One Reality check is, going from sleeping in, to waking up early.

   “School has changed my whole schedule” says Junior Ariana Banda, “I don’t get sleep anymore.”

   Not having a designated sleep schedule, not having to worry about homework or waking up on time. School can be a very slow and tiring chunk of the day, for both students and teachers.

   As students they always look forward to the weekends, and breaks. It gives them time to relax and unwind from the stressful week of school.

   Senior, Daron Jacks says that he misses hanging out with his friends on the daily basis.

     Students aren’t the only ones who look forward to time off from school. The teachers at Dublin High spend their whole day with teenagers, then when the bell rings at 2:46, their day isn’t always over.

    Dublin High’s own History teacher and boys Baseball coach, Mr. Shaw says that his schedule has totally changed since he has come back to school.

“Organizing time with my newborn, baseball, school, and work,” says Mr. Shaw.

   Focus, Focus, Focus. That’s all it takes to be successful. Every year it is a new beginning and a chance to redeem yourself from the year before. That all starts with a great first day of school and the drive to be successful. When she set her alarm for the next morning, Junior Nicole Overton says, was when she realized that she needed to switch to school mode.

   Waking up for the first morning, getting ready for a full day of new subjects and new teachers. It’s all new to them, it is all up to them to get organized and ready for a new full day. “I feel that I’m pretty organized with my schoolwork and time management,” Overton adds.

   Dublin High is a great place to go to school, it’s also the place to buckle down and get serious. Teachers are here to guide us to be successful in life. Reality Check, Back to School is the beginning of the rest of your life.