Seniors’ Fondest High School Memories

 Senior year. The last year of high school, the last year of being treated like a kid, and the last year of creating memories with your graduating class.

  Students look forward to that one special day when they get to walk across the stage in their cap and gown and know that they graduated. But what about those memories that one will carry on out of high school and forever in their  lives? Those memories are what makes high school, especially senior year, so special.

  Being a senior has to be one of the most exciting years of a student’s life. They get to have more relaxed classes and the ability of graduating with their closest friends and looking back at all of the great times they spent together.

  “I’m going to miss having such a chill schedule and being able to see all of my friends every day,” said Senior Jenna Lequin. “I will never forget all of the fun everyone had at all of the home football games.”

  It’s sad to say that the people closest to you will be going separate ways but what matters most is knowing you grew into an adult because of high school.

  “I will always remember becoming tougher from track and cross country and also all of the things from high school that made me mature as a person,” added Lequin.

  Being involved in sports and clubs is something students tend to miss most often. Just being a part of something you love and enjoy in high school is always sad to goodbye to.

As students get older, they reminisce on the good times one had during their sport with their team members or club members because that specific group of students had the same interest as you did and just being able to create memories with them is always fun.

  “I’m going to miss being on the baseball team and being with my friends,” said Senior varsity baseball player Matthew McGlashan. “My fondest memory of senior year would probably have to be Senior Sunrise.”

  No matter where you go or who you are, one will never forget their senior year and the memories tagged along with it.