There’s a new sensation sweeping the Gaels Nation. “Shielding” is the next big thing at Dublin High School.

  Teens these days are always taking cool and funny pictures for Instagram and Twitter, seeing how many “likes” or “favorites” they can reach. Well, shielding will soon be the new trend for all you Gaels on Instagram.

  Shielding is The Dublin Shield’s way to get the student body involved and excited about the newspaper and our social networking accounts.

  Here’s how it works:

Take a photo with The Dublin Shield visible in the picture. There is no specific setting or pose required for the photo. Post the picture on instagram and tag @thedublinshield in the caption. It’s sort of like planking… Only less awkward and school spirited!

  Here’s the Point:

The point is to get all you little Gaels to be a bigger part of The Dublin Shield. Plus it’s just a funny new trend for Instagram! Remember, the more creative and entertaining the picture is, the better.

  Have a copy of the newspaper always handy because you never know when you’ll get a great shielding opportunity.

  Each month there will be a competition to see whose picture can get the most likes. The winning photo will be published in that month’s issue of the newspaper and the person present in the picture will win a $10 giftcard to Jamba Juice.

 Get ready Gaels, and let the shielding begin!

A Shield staff member gives an example of #shielding from home.