DHS Hip Hop Recap


Rhea Mistry

The Dublin High School Junior Varsity and Varsity Hip Hop Teams

The DHS Hip Hop team had a very successful sixth season, finishing this year as undefeated State and National Champions for the second time in a row. Even as back to back champions, the hip hop team improved quite a bit this year. The Junior Varsity team won Best Choreography in the Dance Division three times this year, triple that of last year.

Rhea Mistry
The Junior Varsity Team shows off their banner and Best Choreography prize at their first competition, the first of the three that they won in total.

Additionally, the Varsity team won Nationals by 7 points, opposed to the .3 that they won by last year. At Nationals, Varsity swept the competition – earning first place in the overall dance division, national champions, and grand champions, scoring the highest out of all teams present at the competition.

Katie Rodrick
Varsity poses with their medals, banner and prize money, which turned out to be a total of $2,000.

“Being on the team for 4 years, I think that this last season was the best way to finish it off,” says Amber Shiu, a senior on varsity hip hop. She also adds that the team “went from always getting second place to always getting first which is a great accomplishment. I’m so happy and proud because the program has grown so much.’” Congratulations to Dublin hip hop!

Rhea Mistry
DHS Hip Hop showing off their medals and banners after winning Nationals this February 22nd.