New Finals Schedule?


Emily Ellis, Writer

Already stressing about finals? Well you’re not alone.  After the school administration released that the schedule for finals had changed, students at DHS began to seriously worry about their finals, and more specifically, the order in which they would have to take them.

This year, instead of having our finals start with seventh period on Monday, only to jump back to first and second period on Tuesday, the traditional schedule will be reversed.   We will still take our 7th period final the first day, but this year, that final will be followed by those from our 6th and 5th periods, 4th and 3rd periods, and end on Thursday with our first and second period finals.

Judging from the initial reaction to the new schedule, this adjustment will both hurt and help DHS students because it completely switches the order in which students were expecting to take their final.  For some students, their harder finals will be earlier in the week, leaving them less time to study.

Of course, for other students, this schedule change helps them by doing the exact opposite.  Whether or not the schedule change is positive or negative is completely dependent on an individual student’s schedule.  

That being said, some students have no preference either way, and others are just distraught over the reminder that finals are growing closer.

“I completely forgot we had finals, so it hit me like a truck” said Joseph Yamandiy, a freshman.  

Obviously, finals week is igniting some strong emotions in students this year.  So if you’re one of those students that is freaking out about their finals, and the change in schedule is disastrous for you, know that finals are still weeks away and the HUB has all of the tools that you need to study and ace your finals.  And getting some of your tougher tests out of the way earlier in the week might not be such a bad thing, since it could drastically reduce your stress level and ensure that you have time to study for other finals.  So no matter what your schedule is, know that you will do well on your finals as long as you study hard and pay attention in class.