Improv Show Review 10/21

On Wednesday October 21st, I had the great pleasure of attended the first Improv Show of the year put on by the wonderful Improv team composed of Kieva Bradley, Savannah Quintero, Arash Hojat, Noah Bradley, Andrew Turner, Sean Haggerty, and Nick Padnos. The team organizes a series of games which they will present to the audience and complete through audience suggestions including, phrases, places, relationships, and people. At an improv show, you can expect a hilarious night of comedy and wit which will delight every audience member.

Games like Two by Two were especially funny thanks to Andrew, Savannah, and Noah. Andrew and Savannah posed as siblings, Savannah being upset because they were out of ketchup which is a problem since she is allergic to every other food. Next, Andrew was a Rockin’ Jump employee who was informing Noah, a colorblind Rockin’ Jump attendee, his wristband was not the correct color. Savannah and Noah stole the show with Savannah being a territorial and reclusive roommate while Noah was a ditsy roomie who insisted on bonding through the use of trust fall exercises.

One of the biggest stand out games was the Dating Game in which Andrew posed as Obama, Noah as a person who thinks they’re growing an extra finger, Kieva as a lamp that makes things darker, and Sean having to guess who each of them were. Sean’s flamboyant Austrian facade had the crowd constantly laughing as he questioned the contestants. Kieva was another standout here with a hilarious comment about how she could “hide you if you feel fat or ashamed about yourself.”

Press Conference was another great game in which volunteer, Mr. Taylor, would be asked a series of questions by the improv team in a similar format to a sports press conference. The team’s goal was to get Mr. Taylor to guess what he “did” to organize such a conference and in this case he was “the first person to tell a lie.” Noah began the real laughs of the round by pretending to represent the fake blog, Ten Commandments Daily, and asking “Do you know that is a sin sir?” Savannah ultimately had the winning question when she asked if Mr. Taylor had in anyway inspired Pinocchio.

The improv show is a night filled with hilarity and wit. Audience members get to join in on the fun by shouting out suggestions for the team to do. The Improv Club, run by the team members, is also held every Tuesday in the drama room right next to the Performing Arts Center. Here, anyone can join in on the improv games the team puts on. The Improv Team puts on official performances throughout the year so listen via the morning announcements or social media for the next show.