Their Favorite High School Highlights

vivian li, Online Editor

Four years. Multiple memories. Favorite highlights. As senior year comes to a close, many seniors at Dublin High like to reflect back on some of their favorite memories that made their high school experience so special. Some remember a favorite class, and others a favorite moments.

“One of the best memories I have was my AP French class my junior year,” says senior Susie Viazzo. “It was a class with only about nine people so we all got really close and it was just a class I really enjoyed going to.”
While some students like Viazzo had a class that they especially enjoyed, other students also look back on school events.
“Homecoming week this year was one of my favorite high school highlights,” claims senior Katlyn Whitt. “I’ll never forget the spirit everyone had, from the dress up days to the football game. I participated in the homecoming skit and it was the best one we did out of all four years.”
High school traditions are something many seniors will miss when they go off to college, so these memories are ones that they should always remember. Aside from academics and school spirit, some athletes have distinct highlights in their high school experience as well.
“My favorite memory was scoring the winning penalty kick in the NCS championship game this year,” explains senior Matt Samaro. “As a team we dreamed of winning NCS since freshman year and I never could have imagined a better way to end my high school soccer career,” Samaro continued.
When looking back, Samaro says, “When I scored I actually wasn’t sure we had won because there was too much going on in my head but when I turned around to see Jeremy and the rest of the team run towards me, I put my hands in the air without even thinking and I couldn’t believe what had just happened.”