New Available ROP Classes for 2014-2015 Year

Naveed Shaihk, Photo editor

Medical Occupations. Auto Mechanic Occupations. Criminal Justice Occupations.
All of the above are ROP classes. There are ROP classes here at DHS. ROP stands for Regional Occupational Program. Taking these kinds of classes can help students be college and career ready. ROP classes take place either at DHS or any other high school in the district.
Students who take ROP classes are benefited in their desired field and have a hands on experience while taking these classes.
“You get real experience and be prepared for the career world,” Ms. Alexis Glubka, the Career Education Specialist here at Dublin High, says.
If a student is looking for classes that will benefit them in their desired work field, ROP classes are the right choice. There are a lot of options and there are new ROP classes such as Visual Communications, which is held here at Dublin High.
“If you are applying this for nursing, you get an internship to apply that other students don’t have,” Ms. Glubka says.
Students can take classes and also get internships for their desired work field, get the full experience that students never thought they can have. It will also be a benefit for students’ applications when they apply to college. All the work students have done will be included in the portfolio.
“You can have everything and all tasks projects you did,” Ms. Glubka informs. “You can have the experience and proof you’ve done more.”
ROP classes help students work hard, fulfill their dreams, and pursue their goals.
Junior Theo Downs is taking an ROP class this year and likes the class.
“I’m taking Video Game Design. It’s a fun and easy class.” Downs says, referring to his elective Video Game Design taught by Mr. Meyer.
Sign up for an ROP class today. It’s also encouraged that students who are interested in this career experience, should go to the Career Center.