Homecoming Shirts

How can such a small detail be so important in one homecoming week?

The day homecoming shirts go out, opinions float. Most would say seniors always get the best shirt, the best everything during homecoming season but we all design are own class shirts? so who are those who add no effort to the design to say anything at all. Regardless, every student has their own opinion.

    Dublin High Students went all out this week during the various spirit weeks and many take pride in saying that a huge amount of students participate. Although most spirit days are only made a week or two in advanced, homecoming shirts get planned as soon as school is in as each class strives for perfection.

    “ I bought a class shirt cause I think they’re adorable, they came out so good, pretty sure its the best one!, “ said Junior Meaghan Gavaghan. There is a pattern each year, upperclassmen always think their shirts are amazing and the lowerclassman are usually a mess.

    Spirit shirts were pre ordered, unfortunately those who did not know this, did not get a homecoming shirt for their class but the ones who did, wore them with pride.