What a Beautiful Scenery!

Homecoming week would be incomplete without the decorated areas. Last Thursday, Students arrived school early in the morning with balloons, cardboards, markers, tapes, and a lot of school spirit to set up their areas.

“I had to wake up at 5 in the morning but I’m glad everything worked out!” exclaims junior student Alicia Tran.

By the time school started, the areas were all done and beautifully made! Each class had their own areas decorated with their own themes. The Freshmen’s area was in front of the Old gym, the Sophomores had their area in front of the little theater, the Juniors had theirs outside the Student Union and last but definitely not least, the Seniors had theirs between the two big trees.

A student comments about the homecoming week saying that it has been a great week and that the school has a lot of spirit.

The freshmen class’ decoration area had little characters drawn on cardboards placed in front of the old gym, while the sophomores made an arc that would allow people to walk through it and take pictures! The Juniors did a great job decorating their area with some of toy story’s characters drawn on cardboards that would allow students to position their heads in the hole and snap a picture. Seniors decorated their area with their fantastic fantasyland theme using balloons and many disney princesses placed around the two trees.

“I think the juniors had the best skit but the seniors definitely had the best decoration area,” says Mr. Parsons.