How Fair is the Selection of the Homecoming King and Queen?


Shelby Richmond

ABOVE: Winners of the junior prince and princess.

  Voting for the Homecoming court is one of the most exciting parts of Homecoming week. Students get to choose a few of their peers to be nominated to become a Prince, Princess, King, or Queen. The nominees are chosen by students specifically writing someone’s name. Each nominee is then voted on to determine the winning boy and girl in each class, but does this process accurately measure who should win?

 “Always tries to vote for the underdog” because “the most popular person always wins,” says Junior Journie Harmelink

  Generally, the winners are involved in many extracurricular activities such as clubs and sports. Therefore, those who are active will obviously be the winners.

“Whoever has already won has an advantage over other nominees,”  Julia Zavala states

 Although there are people who have been nominated multiple times, there are also winners who have only been nominated once. Simply letting friends know that you want to be nominated goes a long way in winning the crown.

  People who strive to be involved in school activities and are determined to win the crown have an advantage over other candidates, but this also requires people to have a lot of spare time to participate in these activities. These factors definitely affect who gets the crown and give certain people an advantage.